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Align yourself with top industry talent and get your songs published. 5050songs is a New York City based music publishing company. We offer a unique approach to song copyright development. Co-publish your songs or lyrics with us and we will publish and distribute your music across our global network and help you monetize your brand.

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5050songs Inc. was created by the songwriting community at Demo My Song™.

Photos from our recording sessions in New York City.

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Interview with Leila Kthiri

“It’s Not the End” is a song about strong love, a painful break-up and new start. “It’s Not the End” ©2016 Leila Kthiri/Laetoli Music(ASCAP) Are the lyrics based on some...

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What Makes Our Engine Go?

We are songwriters just like you. The music industry is changing rapidly. So we built a ship; a vehicle to help navigate the turbulent future of music with you.  Why go it alone when we are all trying to do the same thing? Make great music and get paid in the process.

Custom Songwriting

We collaborate with lyric writers and songwriters. We team you up with a dedicated producer and build a custom band for your project.

Lyric Writing

What is the ``weak link`` in your songs? If it's a well-crafted lyric then you might consider collaborating with one of our lyric writers.

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There are many music publishing companies out there. Aligning yourself with one that fits your specific needs as an artist is the key to success.

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Above all, we want to make great art with you. What sets 5050songs apart is that our songs are always produced with love.

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