Would You Stay

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Release Date : June 26, 2017
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Format : Digital Download



“Would You Stay” ©2017 Dimitris Dristilas/5050songs(ASCAP)
Produced by Demo My Song
Lead vocal: Sharon

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A song about the redemption of love.

Would You Stay

Would you stay
If I told you that I loved you
Would you stay
Would you stay with me tonight
Would you stay
You know my love for you is true
Would you stay
Would you make the wrong things right.

Would you stay
If I changed the way I am tonight
Would you stay
If I promised to be true
Would you stay
If I walked you through the morning light
Would you stay
If you knew how I loved you.

Would you go
Walk out in the morning rain
Would you go
And leave me to my tears
Would you go
Would you not feel the pain
Would you go
And throw away the years
Would you go.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop/Rock

Mood: soulful, emotional

Instruments: drum, electronic guitar, tambourine, piano

© 5050songs Inc
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