You’re Not Ready

You’re Not Ready

©2018 Andrew Newman / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Aug 15, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Scott


I remember those late nights, no lights,
Writhing in pain, feel like I’m going insane.
Why did you, keep that from me?
We were so close, yeah we supposed, to be

In 2 weeks saying our do’s, live for each other, yeah
there would be no other yeah,
But then that one day, everything changed, you tried
to explain that,

You’re not ready,
Life’s too crazy right now.
Let’s just slow down,
Give you some time to let you,
make up your mind.
While I’m just sitting here,
sitting speechless here.
You’re not ready.

Next day, we went and talked to your Pastor.
I was hoping he’d fix it, hoping he’d change your mind.
Nothing came of it,
He prayed for us then, said we should go off and talk,
which we did and then you said,

You’re not ready,
Life’s too crazy right now.
You said you had lied to me,
there were other guys yeah it,
came to my surprise.
While I’m just sitting here,
living my biggest fear.
coz you’re not ready

The second week went by, the wedding day came,
Nothing but an empty church, what could have been.
Not physically there, but in spirit I was,
Revelations hit me of your ending love.

You weren’t ready,
4.5 years, never thought it’d be ending in tears.
No I’m not ready, for this new life,
you should have been my wife.
You aren’t ready…

Genre: Country Pop
Mood: heartbroken, complicated
Instruments: bass, guitar, drum

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