For You Have Kept the Faith

For You Have Kept the Faith

©2020 Christopher Burleigh / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Nov 18, 2020
Produced by Demo My Song®


In these final days of prophecy come true
Wicked ways will bring the end of days
When the flagrancy of a profligate society
Provokes the wrath of a holy God.
But God remembers you, for you have kept the faith.

If you are a member of the flock then you are saved.
The world shall burn as believers yearn for the kingdom of God.
Your earthly flesh may perish in the persecution to come
But be not afraid for knowing that God remembers you,
For you have kept the faith.

Straight and narrow’s the path by which one finds eternal life.
Broad and wide is the gate that leads the way to destruction.
And many are they on that easy road that enter in thereby.

So never cease to watch and pray until the Lord returns.
Remember too, his promise to you, I will never leave you.
So go onward in his service and put all your trust upon him.
He’s watching over you for you are one of the chosen few.

Institutions collapse and the godless fend for themselves.
Clouds of locusts swarm the land from the pit of the abyss
Woe to man in the days of the apocalypse.
Like a thief in the night the day of the Lord shall come
Christ the savior was sent but they will not repent.

And you are caught up in the clouds to meet your Lord and savior
Listen to the words he has for you.
“Enter into glory, my good and faithful servant for you have kept the faith.

Genre: Spiritual, Contemporary Christian
Mood: peaceful, faithful, pious
Instruments: horns, organ, piano, female vocals

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