The Spirit

The Spirit

©2018 Dana Halle / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Oct 16, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Liz


It’s a late night
Your patience wearing thin
Things don’t go right
Now let the show begin

Another late night
With spirits soaking in
All your fears from deep within

Why do you keep doing harm to yourself
You’re not healthy this way
And your world’s on your shelf
You’ve inner strength to reach all you desire
But you can’t grasp the ring when your mind is on fire

Foggy morning
Found half-way on your bed
Try to get up
End up lying there instead

Foggy morning
Will there ever be a time
When you wake up
And your body’s feeling fine

Why do you keep doing harm to yourself
You’re not happy this way
You’re just somebody else
You’ve got the power to make your dreams come true
But your vision is blurred when the spirit’s in you

Day time passes
Strange thoughts spinning through your head
Like molasses
You get up out of bed

Day time passes
Perspiration starts to flow
As it passes
Brings the pain you’ve come to know

Why do you keep doing harm to yourself
You’re not solving your problems
By killing yourself
I see your pain it must cut like a knife
But I can’t force a change in the end it’s your life

So the next time
Your heart is feeling blue
And the spirit
It begins to beckon you
Please remember
All the hell that you’ve been through
And you know friend, your salvation lies in you

Genre: Rock
Mood: somber, solemn, grave
Instruments: guitars, drums, female vocals

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