Move Over for Jehovah

Move Over For Jehovah

©2020 Eddie Gates / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: 1/8/2021
Track duration: 03:45
ISRC: uscgh2134160
UPC: 195999344287
Produced by Demo My Song®


You better move o-over
For the great God Jehovah
There’s nothing like him
His love is fright’n
He created the world in seven days
Our God has mysterious ways (move over-waay o-over)
He’s there for me and he’s there for you
His great love will see you through
I tell you he is a friend of mine
He is there any time
(move over waaay o-oover)

(Yeah Yeah)
You can count from 1 to 10
There’s nothing to compare to him (Yeah-yeah)
He’ll put your life in 4wheel drive
Jehovah’s love keeps us alive (move over-waaay oover)
All he needs is your open heart
Talk to Jehovah that’s a start (move-over-way ay-ay-o-ooover)
Move Over For Jehovah
He’s a little of this and a little of that
He’s the deal as a matter of fact
(move over-way ay-ay o-o-over- He’s God Jehovah)
They search the stars for the supernova
He’s right here the Great Jehovah (move over way-ay-ay over)
To be close to him is not supercilious
To refuse him is ridiculous
(move over for our GOD Jehovah)
He may not be on Billboard Charts
But he’s number one in our hearts (move-over -way-ay-ay 0-0-over)
You can have your money and your bling
All praise to JEHOVAH is why we sing
I’m so glad I told -o0o- ya
You better move over for the Mighty JEHOVAH

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