Please Don’t

Please Don’t

©2018 Frantisek Halfar / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Apr 3, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead vocal: Scott


Cool it, my love
you set me on fire anyway

Can’t you see, my love
that tonight I’m out of the game

It’s not that I don’t
feel like pulling your body to me
but baby, can’t you see
there’s somebody else with me
but listen

You’ve got something
that I don’t
I don’t quite understand
And that something’s
please don’t, love please don’t
just please don’t
break my heart again

It’s a thin ice, my love
but you’re not the one to keep it down

You make me feel, my love
like we’d better run from everyone

I’m sorry I can’t
give you all the attention that you
should have right away
but I swear I’ll give it to you someday
but listen


Genre: R&B/Pop Crossover
Mood: complicated, heartbroken
Instruments: bass, drum, guitar

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