Frisco Streets (Acoustic Version)

Frisco Streets (Acoustic Version)

©2016 Peter Haxby / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Mar 4, 2016
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Jack


Verse 1

Woke this morning, fog clouded my brain
Looking down a Frisco alley, something now has changed
A hard night behind me, and a tough day ahead
Trying to remember all those painful words that I said

On those Frisco streets, looking across the bay
Folks hardlined faces their hiding a heartache

Verse 2
Gone on a cold day, right on California street
Saw her in the back of a limo, and my, my heart missed a beat
So I, skipped the tar, bugging voices in my head
I saw a young Reggae sax player, he was wailing for his morning bread

On those Frisco streets, such a lonely bay, yeah
Folks hopes and dreams, you can see them washed away

Verse 3
Some nights are long, others too cold to bear
One drag is all I need and a blanket to share
Warmth comes from a tin fire, and a clutch with a crust to eat
You can feel the spirits rise with that busking Frisco beat, yeah
And Frisco beat, it still has the sound yeah
Broken strings are out cast, on that holy ground

Verse 4
Mist clears down the alley, no need to make a bed
Looking for the basic needs, well that’s all that’s in my head
Sound echos down Jefferson street and the sun lights up the day
San Francisco life gets hard, but I wouldn’t trade it away …for those

Frisco streets, they got heart and soul yeah
Hidden in the urban trails, just waiting to unfold
Frisco streets, looking across the bay yeah
Folks hopes and dreams you can see them fade away

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