Oh Mother Wisdom’s Call

Oh Mother Wisdom’s Call

©2022 Cary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 9/30/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


Oh! Mother Wisdom,
You were as before the firmament,
Before the water’s depths,
And the mountains of dust.
You are at the gates,
And the doors of the city
Calling for the sons of man
To follow Your ways.
Let us not be forward of speech,
And not be of little or non-understanding
Her teachings are precious
They are the delight of the Lord
She gives knowledge and wisdom to the simple
So we can rejoice and be of one flock of sheep in the fold
Teach us of Your ways and fill our hearts
with treasures yes, for us in the heavens
Let us give ear to Your word
May we be of good attunement to Your realm
And follow You our Holy One
The Lord of host, to Your holy seat
Attend to Him with praise and exaltations
And with blessings and shew us
Words of wisdom too
For-fill our cup to the brim and
Overflowing, like an anointing of the oil
Ye of little faith, how long will You
flounder and drown under with sorrow
Alas my friend awaken read and
keep my Word safe in Your heart
Do what is right by the Holy Word and live
May we seek the truth and gain knowledge of Your ways
To fulfill mercy, truth, justice and gain blessings
And remembrance of Thy word
To be kept safe within
So be diligent and with fulfillment to us
Steering from contention, yay
Love goodness and peace, love understanding,
Bring Loving kindness and mercy also to our hearts,
Yes, let us get Wisdom and above all else let us get understanding
Lord, quicken us according to Your word and name sake
Let us be clean of heart
Yes, be quick to save us Your humble servants
Let us stand upright in heart and in Thy presence and light
As You purify our heart, So we can see Your face
Bless You oh Lord, Praise You oh Lord
And be attentive, come quickly to Thy servants
Save us according to Thy word.

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