While Awaiting Upon the Lord

While Awaiting Upon the Lord

©2021 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: 6/4/2021
Track duration: 04:36
ISRC: ushm22177213
UPC: 198000498603
Produced by Demo My Song®


We’re having a great time
Moving along that way
Hey! Hey! Hey! what can I say
Beauty all along the way
Standing tall, before the sea wall
And while, I’m moving along that way
Down that gentle and Gracious Highway
A day late and going Straight on Out
And in the land of the Sun, Sea and the Shine
We’ll wait and write and then again,
my friend, Don’t rock the boat

While we sail throughout; the shinning seas
A whale of a tail, rolling and a fluke of the fin
And then again a Ray of a play, Lit blue in the hue, of the day

Caught and Knot, a mile or two
In the sweet spot of Close Haul of Main and a Clew
A quick Stick fish feeling Bliss followed: a list,
remember a lot of what’s taught, towards better, to be bought
bite; nor more than you can chew
Like a swim to the beach
Towards the deep waters blue
To make amends to the Times we Spend
High Ho Shish! Went off with the dish, she kiss she kiss

Flash green of a Dash towards the sunrise; to the set,
The name of the Lord remains the same, true and just

However it is, I’ll still be glad down that roadway.
It didn’t happen on my watch
except for a fish to be caught

For I am the Vine and you are the Branches,
without me you will bear no fruit
Built on Rock, this City is going to Roll
Coming down on me strong
Hey Girl what’s going on

Jayee to the Boat 50 years since we’ve smote
Surf’s up just a Float; away to stay
There wasn’t much left to do
So, we put together a brand new Crew

Whether together or apart, this is great, where do we start?
Hearts’ wish, have you heard the hiss? Tis of his truth and wonder
I’m the Lord’s and no other
So, help; help me if you can, Sailing, and surf to sand
Now it’s going to be a brand-new Song and Band
And across the Land; If’n we can

We’re having a great time moving here and there each day
Seeing Beauty all along the way,
Hey! Hey! Hey! What can I say
Standing tall, before the Sea Wall
And while I’m moving along that way
Down that gentle and gracious Highway
A day late and going Straight on Out
in the Land of the Sun, Sea and Shine
we will write and wait and then again, my friend
To the aftermath,

To press onward towards the prize, to continually seek his Holy face
Up! Up, and Away we go today, with Grace;
Caught the garter now that’s of good taste Oh! yah!

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