I Could Hit Dat

I Could Hit Dat

©2015 Marla Lynn Taormina / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Oct 8, 2015
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Mookie


Someone took a picture
Recently of you and me
I never really thought about it
Until it was clear to see
Standing next to you
I felt chemistry
We look good together
Almost meant to be

Sorry to be blunt
But I’m a real honest man
Baby, you’re so pretty
Let me hit it if I can
You don’t really understand
How much I think about this
Baby, you’re so sexy
You’re on my Honey-to-do-list

I could hit dat
I could hit dat
Make you feel so good
I could hit dat
I could hit dat
Girl, it would be so good
When I see you coming
I act really coy
I make you talk first
Make you earn your boy toy
Kind of makes me laugh
I know I could rock you
Please don’t go to a psychic baby
Cuz this news would shock you

Maybe it’s just me
Because of that picture
I stare at it everyday
Wishing I could get with ya
Your skin is so smooth
And your lips are fine
Your eyes light up
And so do mine



I’m gonna keep this to myself, let you figure it out all by yourself



Girl Are you Paying Attention, You got me feeling like a soldier on a secret mission, it’s not impossible to do my magic on you,  like that Stripper in Part 2 …Stacking them up like his home made tables ..If I hit dat, you’ll stick around unlike Jada,


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