Left On Red

Left on Red

©2022 Kevin Walker / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 11/25/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


It was such a happy Sunday night
Until that dumb kid ran that light
The crash
happened in a flash

Such a loss, a goddamn shame
The boy was scared he’d miss the game
my true love is dead
Left on Red

I held her close, it was too late
She said some words then met her fate
By my side
That’s not when I cried

I only had some broken bones
But the real pain came when I got home
and said
as I shook my head
Left on Red

Yeah they’re not my kids,
I’m not their dad
But each other’s love was all we had
That night
I couldn’t make it right
And it will forever haunt my dreams
The tears, the hugs, the words, the screams
The dread
of the road ahead
Left on Red

Sometimes I take my gun
I’d give him five and save just one
For my pain
Be with her again

But we both must live with our regrets
Since I know I never will forget
what she said
Tuck my kids in bed
Left on Red

Now my wounds are healed but the hurt ain’t gone
The kids and I, we just live on
She’s never coming home

So a few months passed and I got a check
Yeah it paid the house but I’d give it back
of this empty bed
Left on Red

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