Big Little Children

Big Little Children

©2021 MB / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2/12/2021
Track duration: 04:15
ISRC: uscgj2171316
UPC: 195999796895
Produced by Demo My Song®


Watching on the TV screen
I can’t believe it
Everybody’s screaming
No one’s listening
To all the pain, to all the anxieties
Buried beneath our rage
Too many voices
Too many noises
How can anyone think straight?

It’s a mess but no one can agree
How clean it up
Can we expect to solve these things
With our defenses up?
It’s about time for time-out

We’re big little children
On this carousel
Spinning so fast that
We can’t even tell
That we’re just
Big little children
Fighting over toys
When will we grow up
And quit being little girls and boys

Walking on the side of the street
I can’t believe it
So many people working
So hard with no relief
From all these bills
From all these debts
That just won’t go away
Too many battles
Too many hurdles
Too many trolls guarding these gates

There’s enough to go around
But we refuse to share
What happens now when no one’s around
To force us to care
It’s about time for time-out


Can we stop
This tug-of-war?
Do we even know
What are fighting for?
‘Cause Winners and losers
Beggars and choosers
Have dreams and families
Hopes, feelings, and tragedies
Why do we keep living
As if the world is spinning
Just to make us happy
As if somehow we’re more worthy


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