The Walk of Shame

The Walk of Shame

©2018 Margaret Howlett / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Sep 26, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Liz


Will you do the walk of shame
When you see your woman bruised and lame
As you’ve lost control like you always do
So you’ve left her cowering black and blue
Will you do the walk of shame
When you know your kids know you’re to blame
While you’ve watched them hold onto her so tight
Hoping that you wouldn’t fight tonight
Do you hear their screams
Do you hear their cries
Do you hear them yell that they despise
Do you see their eyes
Do you feel their hearts
You’re slowly tearing them apart
Do you feel like a man at all
When you have her pinned against a wall
When your roaring loudly in her face
Or punching her in an even pace
Do you not feel love
Do you not see the fear
As you make your objections loud and clear
Was it passed down the family tree
Or did you just decided this is who you’d be
A weak and mean and brutal man
Who rules with his fists or an opened hand
Do you hear her lie
When with friends you greet
That her bruises come from her clumsy feet
Will you do the walk of shame
When you’ve gone too far
So you call her name
But there’s no response or no reply
As she’s passed away before your eyes
You will do the walk of shame
When the judge and lawyer speak your name
When you’re the one that wants to beg
To remove the shackles from your leg
Will you then regret
Will you then despise
The monster that you allowed to rise
Now you’re the prisoner of your cruel intent
While you walk the hallways just to vent
In a structure made of strong iron frames
As you walk the walk
The walk of shame

Now you’re a victim of your cruel intent
A life behind bars is where you’re sent

Genre: Country Ballad
Mood: somber, bitter
Instruments: guitar, female vocal

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