Misty Eyes

Misty Eyes

©2021 Taramith / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 9/22/2021
Produced by Demo My Song®


Misty eyes still water… (thinkin’ how things used to be)
Misty eyes still water…………… (thinkin’ how things used to – be)

Thinkin’ ‘bout the old days, an’ how it used to be.
That long hot summer (way back) in nineteen ninety-three.
I remember thinkin’ – this could never end?
An’ the chance that me an’ Marie – were more than friends?

Me an’ my old 12-string; – always hand-in-hand.
Singin’ songs, the world maybe; would one day understand.
Open roads an’ open minds, we thought we knew it all.
Guess we should ‘ave took the time to jump that ‘Wonderwall’.

In an’ out of love, an’ livin’ so carefree.
Ending up in any ol’ town – any place we’d like to be.
Heard it all, seen it all – we done it all before…
(but) Misty eyes still water…………… (thinkin’ how things used to be)

Came a time when whiskey – seemed my only friend.
In my hand the same old glass – my journey’s end?
(then) from an empty bar-room – came a voice I knew.
Lookin’ up I realised – what it was I had to do…

Don’t try an’ please – everyone you meet.
They might just try an’ hurt you,
and then take your heart away…

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