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Release Date: 8/20/2021
Track duration: 03:55
ISRC: usl4q2102520
UPC: 198002237606
Produced by Demo My Song®


I thought he was predictable
I didn’t have a clue
The person that I came to love
The man I thought I knew
A family man, a working bloke
Didn’t drink, or even smoke… Pleasin’

I’d see him off each morning
His socks would never match
I’d watch him kiss the kids goodnight
A sight I loved to catch
A lovin’ man, a simple life
Me, a real contented wife… Pleasin’

Did he think I wouldn’t notice
The perfume in our van
The texting on his mobile phone
My not-so-clever man
Did he think that I’d be pleadin
Broken down and needin him to stay (hey)
Or did he wonder if his mama
Was gonna cause a drama… me (we’ll see)
Of course I was fraught and a little distraught
But not on the brink, I just needed to think
I’d handle it fine, I just needed some time to plan

I could lace his meals with arsenic
But I’m not much of a cook
Besides how unoriginal
I read it in a book
Throw him out, change the locks
Put some needles in his socks… Pleasin’

I could hire a local hit man
But I couldn’t pay the fee
And with my luck they’d miss him
And the target would be me
If it wasn’t too much fuss
I could push him off a crowded bus… Pleasin’

He said I was mean and a little extreme
In spite of deceivin’ he wouldn’t be leavin’
Forever and ever he’d stay and never go (oh!)

So I said that I’d forgive him
I said that we’d be fine
I sent him to the cellar
For a bottle of wine
Locked the door with simple ease
Bolted him in and tossed the keys… Pleasin’

So he never had to leave here
I dealt with all his fears
It must be cosy down there
Cause he’s been down there for years
Yeh my not-so-clever fella
Is livin’ in the cellar below (oh)
And his lovin’ little mama
Didn’t need to cause no drama… no
I said my not-so-clever fella
Is livin’ in the cellar… below (oh)
And his lovin’ little mama
Didn’t need to cause no drama ….no
Oh, Pleasin’… yeh

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  • Bo Jay
    Posted at 03:44h, 04 October Reply

    Love this song !!!

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