Medals on Parade

Medals on Parade

©2018 R.T. Budd / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Oct 10, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Scott


Hey there my friends, glad you could make it here today
Hope you know the history of why we’re having this parade
Now maybe you think it’s just another day
Just another new old-fashioned commercial Holiday
And maybe you can’t very well understand
Why Dick and Harry went and served their Uncle Sam
Well let me see now if I can explain
Why they did what they did and never complained

Can you see the vets with the medals on their chests?
That means they gave their all
Gave their very best
Can you see the one wearing the CIB?
That means he served in the war with the combat infantry
Can you see the one wearing the C.M.B.?
He was a medic brave, brave as brave can be
Can you see the one wearing the Purple Heart?
His wounds may have healed but his mind is still in parts
Can you see the one wearing the Silver Star?
Now every day he drowns his past down at the local bar
Can you see the one wearing the Navy Cross?
He was shot down over there and seven years he lost
Can you see the one wearing the “V” device?
That was for his valor and selfless sacrifice
Can you see the one wearing the C.M.H.?
You can’t imagine all the horrors that he faced

So, there they are, the ones who gave and gave
Representing themselves and those gone to their graves
Still they shed a tear when that Grand Old Glory waves
Proud they defended the good old U.S.A.
And maybe you still, you still don’t understand
Or maybe you do, but you just don’t give a damn

But they did, and they still do
Yes, they did, and they still do,
Oh they did it for their God
They did it for their Country
They did it for the Red, the Red, White, and Blue
And they did it for you, and they did it for me
And they are the reason we’re the Land of the Free
Because of the Brave
Because of the Brave

Genre: Country, Americana
Mood: patriotic, upbeat
Instruments: guitars, drums, synthesizer, male vocals

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