Want You to Make Me Feel

Band :
Release Date : September 17, 2015
Label :
Format : Digital Download



“Want You to Make Me Feel” ©2015 Gilfi Dan Pol/Laetoli Music(ASCAP)
Produced by Demo My Song
Lead vocal: Brent

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Verse 1

Thinking back ‘bout you and me
Seems a lot like make believe
Guess the sunshine set us free
Couldn’t stop what we’d gotta be

Verse 2

Didn’t reckon it’d go
To a place that I’d never known
Fell in love, we watched it grow
Summer’s gone and I’m alone


Sounds like your heartbeat singing in my head
Sounds like the echo of the words you said


I want you to make me feel that high again
I want you to make me feel alive again

Verse 3

Ain’t it funny since you’re gone
Everything that’s right is wrong
All the girls that come alone
Leave me empty, wanting more

Verse 4

When you whispered you were mine
Honey dripped from every line
Looked so beautiful, so fine
Never felt so good inside


Feels like I’m haunted by the mark you made
Feels like I’m captured and there’s no escape



Baby if I could
I’d take us back
To that mad, mad world we had
I know for sure
That we’d find
What we’ve missed and left behind


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