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Release Date: 4/15/2021
Track duration: 07:51
ISRC: usdy42161098
UPC: 198000162245
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Hey Bella, can’t you tella, that I’m in love with you?
And Bella, I’m under your spella, can’t see anyone but you.
Now Bella, if you’ve got a fella, you’ll break my heart in two.

Bella, you’re so fair, standing right over there.
Bella, so close I could touch, but I know that I must,
Refrain, Abstain
Desist, Resist
Resist seduction, resist destruction,
Resist your charms, resist your arms,
Resist your eyes, resist the prize,
Resist your smile, but hoping all the while,
Someday, it will be,
Just you, and me.

Hey Bella, be my Cinder-ella, just like the fairy tale.
And Bella, I would gladly sella, my soul to be with you.
Now Bella, I could pen a nov-ella, of what you mean to me.

Hey Bella, would your momma raise hella, if I asked you out tonight?
And Bella, can’t help it if I dwella, cause you’re so beautiful to me.
Now Bella, please help me quella, this burning desire for you.

Bella, my Bella, oh Bella, my love.

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