Sailing Girl Afresh

Sailing Girl Afresh

©2022 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 9/31/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


I’ve always liked to have a boat to sail across the open sea
Maybe one is waiting for me
When the great ship sails, I’m hoping to be ready
And because of your concern you seem to have for me
I have to tell you a secret too
The secret of Life… oh yah life ever after
It lies In the Lord Jesus… the Christ
It can’t be bought nor sold
But it is given freely
And meant to be passed on to the many
The Word of God is good and the pure of heart will see his face
And will receive his mercy and his grace
None will be totally content with the riches of the earth
True happiness will come from the peace of mind of a hard day’s work for the Lord
Reaping the harvest of the many, for the harvest is ready.
The way of the Lord may seem sometimes rough
But the yoke of the Lord is easy, for many will pull its weight
And in the end the least will be great
I’m in financial woes right now but I can see the light
The end of the tunnel is near
Out in the bright sunlight
Without fear nor strife
I just hope you have received my message I’ve inscribed here within
And follow the good Lord Jesus in your heart
For he is the true vine and the light
And yes, before you is my humble prayer of a Love Letter for as of late
With blessings From the Lord and precautions to take
I’d love to experience the intimacy
To carry on in an endless song would be great
I’ve had my chances; but alas
So many times, left behind the Loves of my youth
And it was just because I felt trapped to tell you the truth
And now that I’ve reached the age of a want for compassion
And the have a better half; let alone someone to carry on my name
The young girls have all gone along to the younger men everyone
I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs
It’s a free country & I’m free strong in the Lord
High hopes and dreams of success are still mine
Because the Lord is close by my side
With his guiding hand leading me onward
Towards the ultimate prize; New Brothers and Sisters
In the Heavens above
Live, for today is maybe all you have
You can choose Life, or Death
I choose Life and so should you
Accept the Lord today
The Rapture, the Endless Days, don’t be Left Behind
Join a Church today, Live, become whole
For this is my prayer of solemnity for the day
For yesterday you cannot change
And tomorrow might be too late
So, thank the Lord for the Blessings by his Sake
Accept the Lord today while you have the chance
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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