©2017 Shoshana Kent / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Aug 28, 2017
Produced by Demo My Song®


I knew her when we both were young,
And living in a dream.
We came together quite by chance,
Or so it first did seem.
Our days were filled with child-likings,
Our nights were spent in prayer.
And even in the silent times,
We knew we both were there.

But as I grew to know her ways,
Bereaved, I understood,
That she had somehow failed to be,
The girl I knew she could.

It was not simple ignorance,
For she was most aware.
It was not ‘cause she lacked the skill,
For she was lucky there.
It haunted, taunted, puzzled me,
And then it all came clear.
With hopeful heart, I said to her,
“There’s something you should hear.”

“You think and yet you never say,
You feel but do not show.
You are, but you are not a part,
You live, but do not grow.”

She looked at me with disbelief;
Stunned by what she’d heard.
An icy gaze, an angry stare,
She uttered not a word.
And though we never spoke again,
Of what took place that night,
I knew that somewhere deep inside,
She knew that I was right.

I buried her, my childhood friend,
Beneath an old oak tree,
Whose age and wisdom symbolized,
What she would never be.
I stood there feeling quite betrayed,
My hand wrapped ‘round a knife.
And deep into that tree I carved,
The story of her life.

“She thought and yet she did not say,
She felt but did not show.
She was, but she was not a part,
She lived but did not grow.”
A moment passed, and then at last,
I understood too well.
That she and I were more alike,
Than I had dared to tell.

I wondered why it was not I,
Who lay beneath that tree.
I wondered how we differed,
My childhood friend and me.
Then all at once, a smile appeared,
I quickly dropped the knife.
For then I knew the difference,
You see, I’d chosen life.

So now I think and then I say,
I feel and let it show.
I am and I am now a part,
I choose to live and grow.
I choose to live and grow.

Genre: Country Folk, Folk Pop
Mood: empathetic, reminiscent
Instruments: guitar, piano, mandoline

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