Some Healing

Some Healing

©2021 Helen Counts / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 12/1/2021
Track duration: 03:41
Produced by Demo My Song®


Verse 1:
I met you on a summer day, the sun was out, the world was still
You’re smile filled up my heart, and we wed, all was fulfilled
But now the world is heavy, and its weight is hard to bear
My silence can be misleading, when all I want to do is scream

Chorus 1:
So stay with me now, don’t leave me alone
Reach out your hand as I need, I need, some healing, hummmm

Verse 2:
And we have all been in the fight of our lives
We’ve shown true grit and held on so tight
When did neighbors become foes and families divide?
When did violence overwhelm us and lead to chaos?

Chorus 2:
So I’ll stay with you now, I won’t leave you alone
I’ll reach out my hand, as you need, you need, some healing,  hummmm, some healing

I don’t mind asking for help sometimes              
And I can be wrong, but I’ll try to make it right

Verse 3:
Can we take the upper hand with rational thought?
Can the masses become one if there is no other choice?
And please look at our children, in their eyes and souls
We must help and empathize and listen

Chorus 3:
And stay with them now, don’t leave them alone
And reach out our hands, as they need, they need, some healing, 
hummmm, some healing

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