A Snow-White Christmas

A Snow-White Christmas

©2019 Spencer Hudson / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Mar 14, 2019
Produced by Demo My Song®


Ornaments strung
Children and people’s songs have begun
Carols and classics can be heard
Winter stories & tales aplenty
Rooms filled with holiday cheer
Christmas music playing, sweets are baking
Cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, peppermint;
Familiar seasonal aromas whiff,
The smell of gingerbread in the air

I want a white Christmas
It would be great if it snowed
Be cozy with a fire
With family and friends indoors,
Sitting around the fireplace
Roasting marshmallows in the flames
Wearing pajamas and playing games
I want a white Christmas,
A snow-white Christmas

It’s a time of celebrations,
Drinking eggnog, eating pies
The smell of pecan and pine,
Spending time with your loved ones
Getting comfy, decorating for the season
The end of the year is almost here,
Christmas movies
And cheesy holiday specials,
Hot drinks & stockings galore

I just want a white Christmas,
Wish for a snow-white Christmas
It would be the best
Outdo all the rest
With snowflakes in the air
I want a white Christmas,
A snow-white Christmas
It’s all that we’re missing

Wreaths, Santa Claus, reindeer, and a sleigh
A colorful, shining display
People’s personalities reflecting
On the outside of their homes
Showing off to the world, for all to see
A spectacle for Christmas Eve

But it’s missing,
Missing that last final cheerful touch
I wish it could be a wonderful, magical
White Christmas, snow-white Christmas
Hot chocolate, and apple cider
Covered up in blankets,
Wearing coats and sweaters,
Watching the snow fall Going out to play
Have snowball fights, build snowmen,
And making snow angels all day
Wouldn’t it be grand, wouldn’t it be great
If it just was a snow-white Christmas

Family gatherings, throwing parties
Holiday spirit, planning festivities
Buying trees to decorate
Lights, ornaments, garland, tinsel
Candy canes, baubles, wrapped all around
Sat on fake snow, topped with a star

All it needs, oh, all it needs
Is a little flurry, like a snow globe
Just please make it a merry,
A merry white Christmas
Please bring us a
Merry, merry white Christmas
A little frosty, chilly, icy
Just don’t make it a snowstorm
Don’t want it to be out of control
Save the blizzards, just make it dusty

Like a powdered sugar cookie On Christmas,
I want it that way A snowy Christmas day

Genre: Holiday, Piano Folky Pop
Mood: Christmasy, cheery, romantic, snow-white, expectancy
Instruments: piano, male vocals

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