The Two Lines of James

The Two Lines of James

©2018 Stephen Boskovich / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Mar 21, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead vocal: Scott


Meeting you, long ago
Swore I’d never let go
Always eager to push the next mile
Growing faith, fading fears
Thought we’d live through the years
With happiness measured in smiles
Trials came, as they do
We were one, not just two
Tackling each hand in hand, right in stride
Learning then, as you know
Sometimes hard, sometimes slow
It’s surviving that fosters the most pride

It’s that time back in school,
When I called you a fool
For talking to your old beau John
Breaking up, taking time
Then conceding my crime,
And forgiven from that moment on
It’s that time, 8 weeks in
When the bleeding began
And you just knew that something was wrong
So afraid, so aware
Heartbeat no longer there
In embracing, we cried all night long

Our lives are filled with smiles
frequent as the stars
But I love you not for smiles…
I love you for the scars.

It’s that time long before
Flying home from the war
But the battle still raged in my head
Waking up, drenched in sweat
My mind filled with regret
Ever faithful, through all of that dread.
It’s that time that we cried
Knowing how much she tried
Yet we watched her life slipping away
Holding tight to your hand
Amongst all that she planned
Your sweet sister saw heaven that day

Our lives are filled with smiles
frequent as the stars
But I love you not for smiles…
I love you for the scars.
I love you for the scars.

It’s that time, coming to
My first sight was of you
You said, “Doc thinks that he got it all”
It had been 5 long years
Filled with uncertain fears
Walked beside me, would not let me fall
It’s that time, all along
Once an athlete, so strong
But your body wasn’t made for that strain
It was worse than we thought
I’m so proud how you fought
Time to heal, so much to regain

We’ve shared joy, we’ve shared love
Thank God up above
For all of these blessings bestowed
But the best of our times
Is not what comes to mind
When I think of why I love you so

It’s that time once again
I need more than a friend
Lost somewhere between darkness and pain
Been a hell of a life
Proud to call you my wife
Through the trials, your love has remained.
It’s that time, that I vowed
At our wedding, so proud
To love you through good times and bad
Take what comes, right in stride
I will die by your side
And be thankful for the time that we had
It’s that time, forever more
For a love that’s only ours
I’ll always take the smiles
But I’ll love you for the scars.

Genre: Folk Pop
Mood: loveful, genuine, storytelling
Instruments: guitar, bass, drum, tambourine

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