Tear Down the Walls of Doubt

Tear Down the Walls of Doubt

©2020 Streamline Your Mind / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Nov 6, 2020
Produced by Demo My Song®


I stand alone, different from the rest
All eyes on me, my nerves put to the test
The sounds I hear, the words I fear
They’re not my savior
People talking as if I wasn’t there
I must not waver
Blinded by the glare they could see
In my eyes, the disguise of insecurity
I was searching for the perfect line in my mind
When everyone turned away
I had nothing to say
You know, it’s a recurring theme for me unfortunately
Thinking you’re left out in the cold if your mind’s not sold

Speak up! Speak out!
Tear down the walls of doubt
Open up! Reach out!
It’s not too late to find out

Dig down deep, into my fragile soul
To a place, where I’ve never been before
Thoughts that confine me, feelings that define me
It’s time to decide
Trapped inside me, I just need to break free
I will survive
Take the chance to rise or fall
If I refuse, I’ll never know at all
Don’t suffer in silence, bring forth my confidence
And I will gain or go insane
What can the problem be
I know it’s on me, it’s my responsibility
Time to let your voice unfold before your story’s left untold

Speak up! Speak out!
Tear down the walls of doubt
Open up! Reach out!
Is the only way I’ll find out

It’s a struggle you see
To believe in me
But I must persevere
From my rear-view mirror
When your emotions are clear
Your words will show no fear
Move forward with my plans to devise
I know more opportunities will arise
Break down the barriers that keep me inside

Speak up! Speak out!
Open up! Reach out!
Wake up! Find out!
Don’t miss out on what you’re all about
Tear down the walls of doubt
Tear down the walls of doubt

Wasting my precious life away
I need to make a difference today
It’s in my DNA
Cause when you reach the end of the line
You may come to find
Your life on the table behind
Don’t look back in time
That happiness could’ve been mine
That happiness could’ve been mine

Genre: Alternative, R&B Pop Crossover
Mood: brave, expressive, honest
Instruments: acoustic guitar, drums, bass, shaker, tambourine, female vocals

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