The Note

The Note

©2020 Kim Kerwin / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2/8/2021
Track duration: 3:30
ISRC: uscgj2116959
UPC: 195999653679
Produced by Demo My Song®


I left that coma in the morning hours
Not knowing what life could be
Oh God, you must of saw something left in me

When all of my dreams were scattered about
And all of this love I’d know nothing about
My hands were open with pills on the floor
That morning hour was fate at my door
Here is the note the wind knocked to the floor

I’m broken inside like an empty divide
Nothing left in me or anything to hide
Alone for too long at least in my mind
Fill in the blank it’s the note left behind

(ooh ooh)

Suicide voice was the noise in my head
Emptiness said I was better off dead
No one could love me, all that I have done
Who could have saved such an unholy one

Touching lives now holding homeless hands
The bride warrior cheering from the stands
Bringing the light and being the glue
All the things the enemy said I would never do

The angel at my door awakens my mind
To look for the one he’d not leave behind
You and me
For the one that holds me that will never let go
So never mind leaving for he holds my soul

Thank you Jesus for seeing in me
All the things I never dreamed I could be
Thank you

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