The Road Goes On

The Road Goes On

©2017 Kenneth Lindquist / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Apr 4, 2017
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead vocal: Scott


He was born to lose
He was left on a front door step
His momma didn’t know who his father was
She wrote it all on a note she left
It was warm that night
But the words on the note were so cold
She rang the bell and then she walked away
And left the baby she would never hold
I’m sorry, she said
I can’t raise you to be a man
Nobody ever taught me how to be a momma
And I just don’t think I can
This world ain’t fair
And things don’t go as planned
The road is rough and it’s winding boy
You have to do the best that you can, if you can because

The road goes on
The sun comes up and goes down
The road goes on
We gone to far to quit now
So don’t quit now

He played in the street
A little something for someone to eat
Nobody ever paid him any kind of mind
Sometimes they throw some change at his feet
Nothing to lose
Although he lost more then most could ever gain
He proudly served in the Vietnam war before his country just threw him away
He had no one to love
He wasn’t sure if love was real
He sang every last sad song he knew
Playing for his next cold meal
He keeps on just a keeping on
Although the whiskey makes it hard to feel
Alone and numb he keeps playing on
Picking on his guitar steel
He knows about the road

Genre: Country, Americana
Mood: wandering
Instruments: guitar, drum, tambourine

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