Court Order

Court Order

©2022 Thomas Adams / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 10/7/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


You came out on the back porch,
I saw the pissed off in your eyes;
You say you have to move on,
done with sorries done with tries;
I guess you saw some lawyer,
couldn’t blame if you did;
Hope you said I have a good side,
even if it’s mostly hid;

Babe I hit a rough patch,
what you’re sayin’s mostly true;
But I aim to be a new man,
no more bottle no more chew;
This livin’ ain’t been easy,
Lord knows I see that too;
But I won’t sign lawyer papers,
that’s one thing I can’t do.

Think back on our own blue skies,
You know we had better times;
Used to buy ourselves tequila,
and steal an extra lime;

For a while I had a good job,
I know I blew it when I quit;
But you kissed me hard,
Said “get in the car, that foreman is a son-of-a-bitch”

So darlin kick all you want, cuss my sorry state;
Go tell the judge, that seems to be my fate;
You can clean out our savings, take the flat screen too;
Just leave my deer rifle, ‘til buck season’s through.

Darlin’ do you what you gotta do,
You won’t get me given’ up on you;
Get your court order if you reckon we’re through,
You won’t get me givin’ up on you.

Get your court order, do what you need to do,
I’ll wait right here, leave a light on for you.

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