Love Me Hold Me So Right

Love Me Hold Me So Right

©2022 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 9/23/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


Love me Hold me so Right
Love me alright, Hold me so tight
You know everything’s going to be so right
Young girl so out-a-site
Open up your mouth
Let the Gold Coins flow into sight
We know that it was You Who took that Bite
Even so True, Man did Too
Still, Jesus Blessed us with Mercy Truth and Forgave
As He came to be Born on Earth to Save
How can we throw a Stone?
And Judge as we are not so pure
As the One and only Holy Son
Whom We should alone know and Trust not Man
Believe on the one from Heaven above
Be Wise as a Serpent and Gentle as a Dove
A Fortune of Earthly Goods will Be left behind
So, Store up your wealth in Heaven
And wear the Numbers 7 7 7 in White
Morning noon and night, Oh! So right
For the End is Close and Near
Open your eyes and ears and
look at the times, Signs and Seasons
Don’t be a Fool, Use the right tool
I Love you young Girl
Don’t shun me and be so Cruel

Love Me Alright, Hold me So Tight
You Know everything’s going to be so right
Young Girl so out-a-site
Open up your Mouth Let the gold Coins Flow in Sight
If I Love you and You love me,
Let’s Share tea and Company
Together Forever we could go far
Now is the Time Now is the Hour
To Pass by that Watch Tower
As Only one was perfect
We know that in the Holy Circuit.
So, Stay Sober and Alert
Draw upon the Inert
For No Words Will Hurt me
Oh! Thou My tears will surely Sting though
So be gracious and with Charm
Accompany me Arm in Arm
Chase away the Darkness, then To the.
Harp Flood the Place with Light
Clean Cleansed with Love, from above
With the Healing Heat of the Sunshine
Bring on the Pages and the Sounds (Cha Ching) The Notes to Play
Will You and I be Joined together to Stay Ok

Love me Alright, Hold me so Tight
You Know Everything’s going to be so Right
Young girl, so out-a-site
Open up your Mouth
Let the Gold Coins Flow into sight
Love me Yes tonight Love me so right
Love Me in the Light
Love Me to Great Heights
Yes, Love Me in Your Love light
Both, Days and Nights Oh yah So Right.

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