Welcome to My Playground

Welcome to My Playground

©2022 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 8/31/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


Welcome to my Playground Welcome to my world
Welcome to my Playground To enter just say the word
Well, the day goes bye! Saying
We’ve Got a long ways to go and no time as yet to get there
No time as yet to get there
On quick feet that’s so neat
On the Boat got to keep going on afloat
on the tour and more Oh! Well surely, it’s been a 4
On the Bus we’ve got to keep going
On quick feet we’ve got to keep grooving
On the streets we’ve got to keep moving
No time loss we’ve got to keep cruising
On the beat you’ve got to keep choosing
No time to sleep you’ve got to Knot be snoozing
Welcome to my Playground, Up the steps from all around the Glen
That’s what’s in store around the bend, Quite, rightly my friend!
A down cold Drummer, a singer in the Light
So let me, yes hold you forever and ever my Lover
Yay Cool Way Cool,
With a sigh, the Good man van came by
Was said by the Twain
Make your Vocation a Vacation
As like standing by the Station
Because I know that you know that I know and you know and I know you know
So, Hoot and Holler and scream yip yip yowee Maui wowie as an afternoon in a dream land beach sand
So, keep alert with the good Lord deep down inside now
For today will be another day of Grace
So, Praise the Lord 1000 times seven and maybe more
5 under 5 over till you hit 65 now
Four lanes Up and Four lanes back
Don’t cross the border and don’t come back
No No No you Don’t
And Don’t Don’t Didn’t Didn’t She won’t She won’t
No No No you don’t
Don’t don’t didn’t didn’t she won’t she won’t
For the Foes have taken more than the hairs on my head can be numbered
But I will shout out yes shout out in praise
And from the hills I will be saved
For Thy Righteousness and Faithfulness
has brought me up out of the pit
and your Lovingkindness has restored me in thine eye
In Joyeth Triumph you have setteth forth before me thy face
Because you know that I am Yours
And yours alone
Be not far; for in you; help is near
I Shout out; yes shout out for thou haste Blessed me
And my hope is in you Lord
Yes, my hope is in you Lord
In Song I will Praise thee
Yes, I will Praise thee in Song!

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