Christmas Bells Ring

Christmas Bells Ring

©2022 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 12/25/2022
Produced by Demo My Song®


Christmas Bells Ring
Christmas Bells are Ringing
Songs of praise bright forth Singing
Christmas Bells are Ringing for U and I
Crisp Cool air is bringing
Frost on glassy windows
In the lands end of lingering on ice and snow
Hot Cider and hot Cocoa on the go
Caroling, Caroling high and low
Christmas bells are ringing for U and I
with a Sigh
I say a Goody good, good
A Fine, fine super fine, fine time
High and Low in the snow
Or out there in the waters hanging five
In the white foam of
A passing wave all so cool for the young naves’
All in one Father Holy Spirit and Son Jesus
God calls me Friend, he is my Friend too
1st 2nd &3rd Thoughts
Reading the Christmas Story for the tots
The Lord will prevail
With truth peace, beauty forevermore
So, try to obtain a righteousness by the Golden Rule
From far, far away yes from abstain you will curtail
With a friend for life Tura Tura Lura Lou
Tura Tura Lura Li
Rest with eyes shut tight
Slumber through-out the night
For it’s Christmas time
The best time of the year
Don’t you know that Christmas Time is here
Dashing along in a sleigh
Bundled up in winter cloaks
Drinking Hot Cocoa now
Keeping warm
Breathe outward steamy cheer
OH! Do You Hear
Jingling Silver Sleigh Bells yes
Hearts wish dancing on air
Listening to the Jukebox player
Stars of the night so bright
Out in the Sleigh in the moonlit night
Cold and crispy
Maybe skating we should go
In the fields glistening
Wind in the trees just listening
Yes, its Christmas again
HO! HO! HO! What do you know
The Jolly St. Nick in the Snow
With cheeks and nose all aglow
With a brief pause
Up on rooftops by a chimney
Down goes Santa Clause
Elfin Lore the worlds on tour
All in a single night
Santa’s Sleigh takes flight
To England, Spain and France
Germany, Ukraine, Africa the America’s
South and North
Alaska, Hawaii and on westward we go
To Taiwan and Japan
North and South ore the land
The Christmas Star of the night
Shinning on us ever so bright
It’s been since the century of 1200’s
Plus 800 years later or so
The Amazing scene did circumvent
I only hope in the Lord and all that follow
Will be cheered more and more
At finding true regard for the sign and token
Alive about 2000 +21 years ago left at 31
Rising radiant on a cloud a shining light
None know of his time of return and great might
Pray for today pray for tomorrow
Pray for no more sorrowAs Blessedness served to the Babe, they called Emanuel
Butter and Honey for judgement of
great love no fret no haste
Just pay it forward as generous as you can
In no time the man of the hour time and time again
For the Lord will repay 100-fold
For the blessings shewed outward
As to Love, grow as he is to be the man of the hour
Second per second Leading us on
With jingle bells all the way
Dashing through the open spray
Snow and frost of winter’s majesty.
So Believe in the Lord today.

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