Praise Him

Praise Him

©2022 Gary Gardner / 5050songs Inc
Release Date: 8/26/2022
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The word of the Lord is my protector
Praise ye the Lord for his goodness
For the light of the Lord
Is like a lamp unto thy feet
To follow his precepts and statutes
Is like a blessing to thy soul
And so, we rejoice
For thou art worthy
You call me by name
As a friend you treat me
Like as the stone that the builders rejected
Although He denied thrice the Lord
He is the corner stone picked
The temple curtain was torn
The temple went down and was raised;
Rebuilt in just three days as was promised by the Lord
Then after He returned, He then ascended into the clouds
Leaving behind the Holy Spirit as gentle as a dove as the comforter
The word of the Lord is sweeter than honey
And more precious than fine gold and silver
For therein it is yes, it’s easier for a poor man
To enter the gates of Heaven, then a rich man so too,
Keep your good works done and travel with ease through the eye of the needle
So, listen to mother wisdom’s voice
Attune your ears to her bidding
Discern knowledge choose from the good and the bad
Seek understanding tie your parents teachings around your neck
Like a kerchief and hold on fast to those teachings
Bind all the good, chase away the darkness and the shadows
With a lute and harp, sing praise; shine the light on
For all things are possible with the Lord
Put thine enemies to thy footstool
Let the Lord give recompense even
To all your troubles of by-gone days
Give us clean hearts give us clean hands
So, my soul shall live and praise thee
Whence thou doest my help come from? It comes from the hills
Neither the sun by day nor the moon at night will be against me
Thou slumber not my Lord
If it had not been for the Lord
Yeah, if it had not been for the Lord
Our help is from the name of the Lord who made Heaven and Earth
The God of Jacob the great I am
Trust in the Lord where he rests in mount Zion
That is said can not be moved
As also in your faith we pray

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