I’m a Little Bit Crazy

I’m a Little Bit Crazy

©2018 Margaret Howlett / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Aug 7, 2018
Produced by Demo My Song®
Lead Vocal: Liz


I’m a little bit crazy
I’m a little bit mad
I’m a little bit cheeky
But I’ll make you glad
Cause if you’re gonna to travel
Across the sea
I shall be waiting
It’ll be a breeze

I’m a little bit hopeful
I’m a little bit keen
I’m a little bit cautious
Like I’m in a dream
But I shall be waiting
By the water shore
Till I can see you
And who could ask for more

I’m a little bit patient
I’m a little bit kind
I’m a little bit kooky
I hope you don’t mind
But when we’re together
Then you will know
If you really want me
Or to let me go

I’m a little bit humble
You a little bit grand
But if we can find peace
With what’s in our hands
With what’s in our friendship
With what’s in our hearts
Then if it’s mutual
That’s a really good start

So come on get moving
Come and find your way
I shall be waiting
Forever and a day
So come on, come over
Come and sail the seas
I shall be waiting
For eternity, for eternity

‘Cause I’m a little bit crazy
I’m a little it mad

A little bit crazy
And a little bit mad

Genre: Country Folk
Mood: pleasant, happy, content, fun, cheery, affectionate, loving
Instruments: acoustic guitar, female vocals

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