Acting Like a Stranger

Acting Like a Stranger

©2019 Mehiar El-Hamdani / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Dec 2, 2019
Produced by Demo My Song®


I think about the early days we’ve had
When you said there’s no one else but me forever
I still remember when you first touched my hands
I remember, our first kiss ever

You said our love was born to survive
And that it would be here till the end of time
And now you’re acting like a stranger
Trusted you like no one else
I shared with you everything

Even when you made no sense
I treated you like a sovereign
You wanna walk away
You’re putting everything in danger
You’re not in love with me
You’re acting like a stranger

So many care for me
My broken heart won’t trust nobody
It won’t be easy to love again
And it’s hard to be so lonely
If you just say, I’m sorry
And try to clean up your mistakes
Instead, you’re making up stories
That no one could ever take

Suddenly, you’re like someone that I never knew
And sadly so much time has been wasted here with you
So many years together turned to be a lie
You left me with pain I know will never die
You’re acting like a stranger!
You’re acting like a stranger!

Genre: Pop, Soul
Mood: heartbreaking, painful, despair
Instruments: piano, drums, organ, shaker, special effects, electronic music, female vocals

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