Just Love

Just Love

©2019 Thomic Ngro / 5050songs Inc (ASCAP)
Release Date: Nov 15, 2019
Produced by Demo My Song®


Why are lovers so picky! Just love, what sweet heart’s meant to be!
Love the person just being together, their personality, laughter or their confidence.
Focus on sharing the most beautiful of all, to fall in love, not weakness!
Don’t we all? End, with something, the same way overtime, changes quickly?

Love’s supposed to be predestined, the moment of feeling fond of and fails and is not recognized ahead.
This “falling in love“ cannot be chosen solely based on capability, wealth or even looks.
Considerations of such are not love what it is, loving the person, but what is loved and would lead us astray.
Unfortunately, life usually causes us to yearn, the beloved as expected, like commodity when either life or love is always chaotic?

Why not just love and offer the chance to understand each other’s challenges and wounds from the bottom of hearts, just love to heal, and feel carefully listen to what each says always.
Even during trouble recollect that attractive moment to reconnect, so we don’t fall apart, leaving behind unspeakable moments with unpredictable consequences.

Let it be painfree for all, just love naturally giving it away and receiving connecting us all over to be lonely free.
All we need to love forever worry free.
Weakness, like illness, unknowns to all but all love, just love!

Genre: Folky Pop
Mood: falling in love, vulnerable, mysterious, self-contradictory
Instruments: bass, cello, drums, violin, shaker, piano, guitar, tambourine, female vocals

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